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Here you’ll find lots of information about this chordophone instrument, meaning its sound is derived from vibrating strings stretched between two points. Learn about its history, compositions, compositions for the instrument, use in film and television, schools of performance and more.
This site has a bevy of facts about the history of the instrument as well as a list of where cimbaloms have been featured in classical and contemporary music, film and television. An extensive list of related instruments around the world also is included.
This is the Britannica encyclopedia site, which features audio of one of Jim Somsak’s original compositions and a photo of Jim playing a Somsak cimbalom.

This website is a fabulous resource for information, new and used cimbalom purchases and cimbalom parts. You can find photos of the instrument’s construction, too. This site refers to the instruments as cimbalos.

Online everywhere. Check out, and other online outlets for more information and to connect with active cimbalom enthusiasts. has many videos of cimbalom players around the world.