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Kaboom Percussion


Super innovative young percussionists!  Catherine Betts and Joshua Webster perform together on a single cimbalom as Kaboom Percussion out of Australia.  It’s not your traditional Hungarian approach, and they’re reaching entirely new audiences.  Josh credits generous teachers in Hungary and one in the Netherlands who shared their music and culture.

Instagram: @kaboompercussion

Experience their unique covers

Game of Thrones theme

Bohemian Rhapsody

Pirates of the Caribbean


Cory Beers and his Cimbalom Band

Los Angeles

Cory Beers plans traditional Hungarian and Carpathian folk music



Performing Vittorio Monti’s Csardas

Performing the intermezzo to Kodaly’s Hary Janos


Laurence Kaptain

Denver, Colo

Kaptain is pictured here with Maestro Gilbert Varga. Kaptain was born to a Hungarian father and was exposed to the cimbalom at an early age by attending ethnic social functions in his hometown of Elgin, Illinois. He studied cimbalom in Budapest, Hungary and has appeared with major North American, Mexican and European symphonic ensembles for over 25 years. He has appeared with the New York Philharmonic and cellist Yo-Yo Ma, a series of concerts with the Baltimore Symphony and pop artist/composer Elvis Costello, Pittsburgh Symphony, and collaboration with prominent Dutch composer Louis Andriessen. Laurence Kaptain, is currently Dean of the College of Arts & Media at the University of Colorado Denver. (edited from his website)

Skype: laurencekaptain

Facebook: Laurence Kaptain

Twitter: @LKaptain and @DeanontheGeaux

Marius Preda

Jazz Cimbalom Player

Marius Preda Live

Cimbalom Jazz – Sweet Georgia Brown – D.Lockwood & M.Preda

4 the legends – Marius Preda & Radu Nechifor

Dutch Falconi-

Northern California

Dutch at CimbalomWhile honoring the deep folk traditions of the instrument, Dutch Falconi’s approach to the cimbalom is through a decidedly jazz and New Music lens.  “The cimbalom is a magical instrument that captivates in nearly any setting through its broad range of energy and color. I feel lucky to have one of Béla Somsak’s handmade instruments and I’ve been working on recording several new compositions that feature it along with bandonéon, double bass, strings, and guitar. There are few instruments that can so easily evoke the old world while simultaneously sounding so delightfully fresh to the post-modern ear. The cimbalom is that instrument. Éljen a cimbalom! Merci Monsieur Somsak.

Richard Moore

Toronto, Canada


Chester Englander



Jenu Farkas

Jenu Farkas & Szalai Hungarian Gypsy Band

Christopher Carlile-Kovacs and Forras Banda

Pacific Northwest

Chris plays the cimbalom for Forras Banda, a group that prides itself in the authenticity of its music and focuses on the acquisition, preservation and presentation of their Hungarian musical heritage, particularly Transylvania.  He’s performed in the North America and Budapest, Hungary. He also plays the viola, a Moldavian lute and percussive cello.

Jeno Lisztes

Flight of the Bumblebee

Matej Cip aka “Cimbalom Guy”

South Dakota


Theresa Dimond

Los Angeles

Percussionist Theresa Dimond lives in the Los Angeles area.  and


Jay Stebley

San Francisco Bay Area

Rodrigo Cimbalom

Santiago, Chile

Other players

Of course, more videos of people playing cimbaloms can be found on with a simple search.